Paul Voodini Lecture

Paul Voodini Lecture, Manchester

Tuesday 26th September 2017, 7.30pm

Paul Voodini (real name Paul Bell) is a full-time mentalist from Sheffield. He grew up as a very firm believer in all things ‘esoteric’ and mystical, and it was only when he discovered the ‘trickery’ employed by magicians, mind-readers, and fraudulent mediums that he decided to take all of the knowledge that he learnt in the spiritual community and use it for the purposes of entertaining and enthralling audiences.

Because of his unusual background amongst New Age gurus and spirit mediums, Paul has a novel and unusual approach to mentalism and mind-magic. His work is almost entirely gimmick free and relies more on ‘sleights of the mind’ than ‘sleights of hand’. Paul has been lucky enough to lecture all over Europe and the USA, as well as his native England, and he is delighted to bring his engaging and very entertaining lecture on his journey through the world of mediums, psychics, and charlatans to the Order of the Magi.

Visiting Magicians – £10

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