The Order Of The Magi, the third magical Society to be formed in England, was founded in Manchester by a group of magicians in 1909.

The Order possesses the record of being the only organisation of its kind which, since its inception, has never missed holding a regular monthly meeting, nor publishing its monthly journal – “The Magi” – a members’ only magazine which is read around the world.

The title of the Society is taken from the followers of the cult of Zoroaster, who were called Magicians or Magi, and practised the art of Magic two thousand years ago.

In 1978, The Supreme Magic Company published “Magi Magoria” – a book containing over 160 pages of Performance Ideas & Magic Tricks, written by members of the Society, along with some fantastic references to the Society’s long history.

Among The Order of The Magi’s members are many amateur and professional performers of repute; who have contributed to the literature on the art of Magic, and unselfishly shared their inventive genius to its furtherance.

In joining the Society, new members not only gain the valuable privilege of admittance to fellowship with such men, but have an obligation to carry on the grand old tradition of the Order, by taking active part in the meetings, whether held in private or open to the general public; by a willingness to undertake any reasonable duties when called upon; by guarding such secrets as may be entrusted to them.

These days only by strictly refraining from exposure of the methods of conjuring can we hope to retain the interest of the public in a unique form of entertainment which has been handed down through the centuries; and, by working continuously towards the ideals set forth in our Objects, we trust to advance the Art of Magic and raise the status of our brother magicians the world over.

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Past Presidents

1909-1916: G. W. Panter
1916-1935: C. B. Holmes
1935-1936: J. Lea Axon
1936-1946: T. H. Halsall
1946-1947: W. N Alsop
1947-1948: A. Buckle
1948-1949: G. H. Entwhistle
1949-1950: C. Meyer
1950-1951: J. Shepherd
1951-1952: N. Cliffe
1952-1953: F. Taylor
1953-1954: G. Wade
1954-1956: J. Morrison
1956-1957: H. Macartney
1957-1958: N. E. Crook
1958-1959: S. Taylor
1959-1960: J. Morrison
1960-1961: H. Francis
1961-1962: L. Ainsworth
1962-1964: G. A. Southall
1964-1965: B. Grimshaw
1965-1966: J. Potter
1966-1967: G. Buckingham
1967-1968: R. Bumby
1968-1969: C. E. James
1969-1970: J. C. Hough

1970-1971: J. G. Smith
1971-1972: J. Emmerson
1972-1973: G. R. Dixon
1973-1974: S. Bloom
1974-1975: T. Hill
1975-1976: J. Meredith
1983-1984: K. Kay
1984-1985: J. G. Smith
1985-1986: P. C. Worrell
1986-1987: B. Leighton
1987-1988: B. Starkie
1988-1989: R. Pilkington
1989-1990: R. P. Warren
1990-1991: H. Hayes
1991-1992: W. J. de Ruyter
1992-1993: D. Lever
1993-1994: P. C. Wooley
1994-1995: A. Sullivan
1995-1996: W. J. de Ruyter
1996-1997: Rev. M. Austin
1997-1998: T. Atkinson
1998-1999: R. Chard
1999-2000: J. G. Smith
1976-1977: J. Griggs
1977-1978: R. Wilkinson

1978-1979: M. Jacobson
1979-1980: R. Pilkington
1980-1981: E. Tongue
1981-1982: H. Rugg
1982-1983: D. Lever
2000-2001: G. Berry
2001-2002: E. Shaw
2002-2004: G. Newton MIMC
2004-2005: M. Sharples
2005-2006: P. Moran
2006-2007: B. Horridge
2007-2008: N. Barnes MMC
2008-2009: G. Newton MIMC
2009-2010: I. Ball
2010-2011: A. Russell
2011-2012: M. Sharples
2012-2013: J. Abrahams
2013-2014: M. Townsend
2014-2015: D. Magee
2015-2016: K. Murray
2016-2017: A. Johnston
2017-2018: S. Cassels
2018-2019: A. Sullivan
2019-2020: D. Owen
2020-2021: D. Lee
2021-2022: (Covid)

In Memoriam

A Page dedicated to members who have passed away

We have created a set of pages to memorialise members who have sadly departed. This will be an on-going project, with an opportunity for members, colleagues, friends and family to pay tribute and share memories.